Dynex memory card reader for mac

M2 card slot. USB 2.

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Micro SD card slot. Port: 3 USB ports. USB Flash Drives. Will call available in Santa Clara CA. Manage all your data and files directly on this card reader, making your sharing without limitation. Plus we had so much fun watching the snipers in action that we just could not stop. Maximum capacity of reader: 32G.

My Macs won't recognize my card reader anymore

Secure Digital Card SD. Connect it to your mainboard 9 pin USB connector.

High speed USB 2. USB 1. Material: Plastic.

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    SD Card reader not working? Great TRICK and FIX!!!

    Condition see all. Open box. Seller refurbished. Please provide a valid price range. Posts : Thanks for the reply I'll do that. Another quick question. Do you know what kinds of computers take zip drives because I know none of the ones in my house do?

    How to Troubleshoot Memory Card Readers

    Parallel Zip drives work on computers with parallel printer ports. Awesome I think I'll grab one of the usb zip drives. Can't remember if they both have built in Zip drivers, could check when I get a chance, if you need to know. I have access to Windows and I'm sure I can figure that out once I get the zip drive. Is there a particular brand or model you would recommend? I am hesitant to recommend Zip drives at all, let along any particular model, Zips are notoriously unreliable.

    I have a self powered USB Zip drive, but have not used it enough to be able to recommend it. They are pretty much all, if not all, made by Iomega.

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    I bought one of these, just because they are a newer model than the older more square style Zip drives, but again, no idea how reliable it is, as I have not used it very much at all Whatever you go with, just make sure you are backing it up to multiple places, as Zip disks generally do die eventually. And if it starts clicking, as in 'the click of death', I would be hesitant to use that drive with other Zips, or to put the clicking Zip into a different drice.

    This is basically only a one time use just to update to os 1. So would one of these zips work for that one time use? Should, but it is a Zip, so not necessarily 'will'. Just plugged mine into my Windows 7 PC, and it seems to recognise it and read it, so it 'should' work. Seems like a waste of money, just to update the OS. Yeah I might actually have a friend who should have a bunch of zips.

    His dad is from Korea and works a ton with computers I'll check that before I buy one online. Thanks a lot for the help! If I have any more questions or anything is it cool if I pm you? Sure, but more likely to get a wider range of answers, and most likely better answers, if you ask in the forums.