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Wrong manual Patch

Please login or register. Read times. Hello, I was running Sims 3 perfectly fine on my Mac, I added some more expansion and stuff packs, and I started to get the 'unknown error occurred' message. I tried uninstalling just the new packs, but still no different. I then tried uninstalling everything plus the additional files as explained in various forums , and then reinstalling in the correct order, letting each pack update before installing the next, but still the same issues.

I then installed world adventures, still working, then high end and still working.

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Then after ambitions the error started, I uninstalled ambitions, but which ever pack I tried next, the error still came up I tried 16 of them! I have spent days on this, looking through forums and trying everything I've seen. If anyone has any suggestions of anything else that I could try, I would greatly appreciate it?

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You shouldn't need to transfer out any. So if you have World Adventures, you'd open:. After you have successfully moved your custom content, and removed the single resource. While this all may not strictly be necessary to get your custom content working the new way, it will ensure that you won't have unforeseeable problems in future due to the old files and folders you may have left lying around.

Go ahead and follow that guide completely - make the new folders, download the resource. Once you're done with that Go to your computer's Desktop where you created a temporary folder to hold your content, called "My Sims 3 Packages".

World Adventures region code problem MAC! Please help!!! — The Sims Forums

In this folder, select all the files and CUT or ctrl-x to remove them from this folder. If you downloaded the suggested test file, you should be pasting your. You can then remove the temporary "My Sims 3 Packages" folder from your desktop, as you don't need it anymore. First, delete your cache files to ensure that you have fresh versions of these files.

Then, try running the game. If you've done the above properly, you should have all your custom content showing up as it was before. If the game doesn't finish loading, loads to a black screen, or crashes when loading, well, that's good and bad news. The good news is that the game is reading your custom content, so technically, your.

The bad news is that one or more of the. These are most likely to cause problems if anything in them has been changed with the new patch which it likely has been. I tried this for ambitions and it worked! I did every step untill 5. I now have ts3, word adventures, ambitions and late night.

Do you have any suggestions? I completely uninstalled Late Night, so the game worked again with world adv. Thanks for the link.

Sims 3 Expansion Pack Installation Problem

I followed the instructions and when i launched the game it came up with a message saying unofficial game and that i needed to update the game. How can i update the game? Manually patch it —. What do I do now? The only options when I right-click on the folder are to rename, move to trash, duplicate, and then quick look.

Sims3 Mac OS Unknown Error Fix for Multiple Expansions Packs

Thank you! I tried copying and replacing the folder in the launch game in case something had corrupted between them or something, tried to make a new alias folder icon, but when I try to launch through Master Suite I get the unknown error.

Different regions for the base game and world adventures

The game still launches from other icons though. Any thought? Thanks in advance for reading this, and for any help you may have! And for all you do in general, you are truly a lifesaver when it comes to trying to get my mac to play this game. Master Suite is NOT one of the ones affected.

I think you should completely uninstall and reinstall again. Is this a common problem?

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Am I not in the right place? LN — unknown error. So I tried it in the base game and WA, and neither of them worked. Decided to push on, installed GEN and IP, but unknown error, even trying to launch from the icon in add ons folder.